Social Media Advertising

The Challenge

Hyper-targeting the right audience is crucial for your brand messaging. It’s easy to throw money at various ad networks without fully understanding how to create the best ROI on your investment. Many publishers and brands lose millions of dollars every year because they don’t target their core audience correctly.

The Solution

The digital advertising experts at Presto Media focus solely on digital ad spend. We utilize various advertising platforms in native, social, and programmatic. Our team constantly examines how each ad portal performs through A/B testing. We optimize content campaigns on the fly so you receive the most bang for your buck.

“Does your content lead readers on a journey, or does it merely stuff them as leads into a pipeline”

— Ann Handley —

Our Approach

Your advertising dollars are wasted when you don’t take a data-driven and hyper-targeted approach to your advertising campaigns. At Presto Media, we reach your existing audience or target new audiences through various proven advertising platforms and influencer channels. We provide data-driven reporting so you know where every dollar of your media spend goes to help you understand the success of your campaigns.

Ad Strategy

Every ad campaign is built from the ground-up with a focus on your brand’s needs. No one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter campaigns.

Ad Creation

Ads are built based on your branding to ensure a consistent experience for clients and new potential customers.

Ad Management

Ads are fully-managed by our team to review results in real-time and determine which campaigns are most successful.

Ad Optimization

Ad campaign optimization is at the heart of everything we do. We watch your ads and shift our strategy towards the highest ROI.

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