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We’re your wingman

At Presto Media, a Content Manager will be assigned to your account to oversee the day-to-day execution of your editorial strategy. Your schedule is packed as it is. Let us take content management off your plate.

Content management

Your dedicated Content Manager takes strategic directions from you, oversees your team, and executes the daily content workflow. We ensure your content is being created and published on time, every time.

Editorial management

Every publication has its own unique content requirements. Your Content Manager takes your editorial preferences and trains to your dedicated writer team so your content stays consistent and on-brand.

Writer management

Your Content Manager is the Editor in Chief of your brand, handing out assignments, fielding writer questions, and ensuring consistent turnaround. We constantly recruit new talent we think will be a brand fit to your team.


We pitch your topics

Digital publications have trusted us to manage tens of thousands of articles for them. That’s because we know what makes an engaging and shareworthy article. Our team manages your editorial calendar and provides you with regular topic generation that results in articles that get attention.

Editorial calendar management

Running and monetizing your publication is a full-time job that leaves precious little time to dedicate toward your content strategy. Presto Media takes on that responsibility for you, organizing and managing your editorial calendar.

Article topic generation

Coming up with interesting and engaging article topics is a tough, tedious, and time-consuming task. Presto Media knows exactly what type of content your audience wants to read and does the hard work of coming up with article topics for you.

Complete topic control

While Presto Media does the hard work of ideating topics and managing your editorial calendar, we still know that you want to keep your finger on the pulse of your content topics. You will always have the ability to approve or deny every topic we pitch you.


We manage your team

We know how to identify and develop quality talent. Presto Media’s editorial team vets and trains the web’s best content creators. All of our writers are native English speakers and specialize creating authoritative content in a variety of niches. 

Native English speaking

Publishing authoritative content with high readability means recruiting writers fluent in the language of your audience. Presto Media supports English publications with high-quality writers who are native English speakers.

Specialty writers available

Your publication is your brand, and requires authoritative writers who understand your niche. Presto Media recruits and manages writers in multiple specialties, from broad categories like entertainment to narrow interests like fashion and more.

High-quality talent

Anybody with internet access can become a freelance writer, but quality standards vary wildly across the industry. Presto Media personally vets, trains, and manages professional writers and enforces competitive digital publishing best practices.


Polished, high-quality articles

The Presto platform was designed to create quality content at scale using its innovative tools and content workflow. Our technology allows for seamless assignment, creation, editing, and delivery of content. 

Quality content creation

From the moment you approve a topic to the moment you approve the final draft, your articles have been constructed by professional content strategists, writers, and editors. Every step of the process is thoughtfully executed.

An editor's touch

Publishers enjoy working with Presto Media because they know that all of their content goes through an editor before being submitted for their review. All Presto articles are required to pass a 20-point quality control review before we approve.

Publish-ready content

Not only is your content written by the web’s best writers and then edited to ensure it meets your quality standards, it also comes with crisp, high-quality images and in a format designed for readability. Your content is ready to publish as soon as you see it.


Just click, and publish!

The Presto platform accomodates busy publishers and website owners who require high-quality content reliably delivered to their CMS for publication at scale. Our proprietary tools enable that, and more.

Easy to connect

Getting connected to the Presto Media Delivery WordPress Plugin is quick and easy. Simply download the compatible Presto Delivery plugin in your WordPress plugin account and then copy and paste the code it generates into your Presto platform account. It’s really that easy.

One-click delivery

Once you are ready to deliver your Presto articles to your WordPress CMS, you can do so with a snap by simply clicking on the “Deliver To WordPress” button. Within an instant, your article’s text, images, tags, and categories are all seamlessly imported into your WordPress CMS.

Intuitive content organization

As you deliver and publish your Presto articles into your content management systems, the Presto platform keeps track of the status of each assignment. This way you can keep track of whether your articles have been submitted for your approval, delivered to your CMS, or published to your site.