The Challenge

Whether you own your own products or you are an affiliate of one, converting eyeballs into customers can be difficult. Converting readers is a hard mix between driving the right traffic to an optimized landing page with effective sales copy. 

The Solution

We analyze your target customer and create an eCommerce sales funnel to drive highly-targeted and qualified users to an optimized sales page. Our engaging sales copy then turns your readers into customers, driving more sales and revenue.

Digital Asset Management solutions must provide deeper functionality to prepare

rich media content to be delivered globally and across channels.


Our Approach

Our eCommerce campaigns offer solutions for both Direct to Consumer (DTC) and Business-to-Business (B2B) advertisers. With our breadth and depth of expertise in digital and eCommerce advertising, we will provide you results that translate into the highest ROI for your investment. Our deep understanding of Direct Response Marketing and sales content allows us to convert highly qualified readers into customers.

Strategy Development

We look at your ideal customer and put together a sales funnel strategy custom to your needs.

Landing Page Creation

We build an optimized and highly-converting sales landing page to convert readers into customer.

Content Creation

We create sales copy to be published onto your landing page that will drive readers to checkout pages.

Targeted Advertising

We drive highly-targeted users to your landing page to engage with the sales content and convert.

How can we help you?

Presto Media grows your brand or website through premium content.

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