Small business owners are going crazy over this new and simple way to get their business funded fast!


Starting a small business is the dream for millions of Americans. In 2014, Forbes found that 543,000 businesses start every single month in the United States. Unfortunately, only about half of those businesses will have the funds needed to stay open after just five years.

Small businesses are the lifeline of the American economy, and employ for more than 50% of all workers. Yet 82% of business owners and potential owners are turned down for a loan from traditional banks, angel investors, and other financiers.

Traditional lenders worry that saturation in the small business market and higher-risk small business ventures will lead to defaults that they can’t afford to sustain.

Big banks have also set strict guidelines that can make it challenging to even meet the basic requirements needed to qualify for traditional loans.

But a brave new world of digital investing has started to take root. Business lines of credit are now being offered to smart business owners for up to $1 million.

While there are still criteria to qualify for one of these loans, they are dramatically easier to obtain and there are far fewer hoops to jump through for entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at Eazy Street Capital as our example. Eazy Street Capital is a leader in a growing industry that helps businesses secure loans in as few steps as possible. The company funds businesses with credit lines between $5,000 and $1 million within just 48-hours.

Amazing, right? At this point, you might be asking yourself how it really works. Let’s break it down.

Qualifying for a small business loan has become easier than ever with Eazy Street Capital. Applicants simply choose the amount they want to receive, tell the company how long they have been in business, and input their monthly gross sales all from their computer.

Eazy Street Capital then examines the business owner’s history and determines if they qualify for a business line of credit.

That entire process typically only takes 48 hours. As small business owners know, when you need money to keep the lights on and pay employees, a quick turnaround is incredibly important.

These loans only require a business to have $5,000 a month in total revenue, which makes the approval process a breeze.

Unlike banks, a small business loan from a digital provider like Eazy Street Capital can be obtained by applying for a no-obligation and completely FREE Quote which will connect the business owner with a business consultant.

Online lenders have very little overhead and that means they are able to provide customized and fair payback terms which are worked out on a business-by-business basis.

Looking for a bit of extra capital in your small business, or a safe line of credit to get you through a big push? Click through for your FREE quote and see how working with Eazy Street Capital can help you de-stress and drive toward your revenue goals.

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