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Our Mission
To provide quality content to online publishers and marketers through innovative technology and premium services.
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Being digital media marketers ourselves, we understand the headache of finding and managing quality writers. That’s why we built Presto Media - to provide the tools, services, and results the industry demanded.
Our Focus
Presto Media stands out from traditional content companies by investing in talent and tools to deliver all of our Clients premium, ready to publish content. This focus allowed us to recruit, educate, and grow a network of 5-star writers dedicated to delivering 5-star content.
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Our Team
A better digital content solution requires experience and innovation. That’s why we brought together veterans in digital media, marketing, technology and management to build out our executive team. Every founding member brings unique insights, innovation and enthusiasm to transform the industry and provide solutions to its complex problems.
Dave Polykoff
Dave Polykoff
aka the product guy
James Kosur
James Kosur
aka the marketing guy
Dusten Carlson
Dusten Carlson
aka the content guy
Mike Straza
Mike Straza
aka the biz dev guy
We stay connected throughour shared core values
Our values play an integral part in every aspect of Presto Media. They provide guidance to not only our team, but to our partners and customers as well. Through these core values, we are able to drive a more successful company and deliver better tools, services, and results to our customers.

We strive to stay focused on our core mission every single day in order to deliver world-class tools and services. But we don’t stop there. What’s even more important is delivering on those tasks when called upon to.

We encourage everybody to ask questions to not only learn, but to also potentially find better ways of doing things.

Enjoying what you do is the best way to deliver quality results. We enforce fun into everything you do at Presto Media.

The best way to ensure that you and your team are delivering the best work possible is to be honest with yourself and those around you. When you do that, everybody wins.

Problems happen every day. It’s a natural part of a growing company that moves quickly. But when problems do arise, we encourage our family to bring solutions to the table instead of problems.

Not everybody is a morning person. But when you are passionate about what you do, getting out of bed seems to be just a little easier (Coffee helps too). We place passion and determination into everything we do at Presto Media.

Presto Media never rests on its laurels and always looks to find a way to improve ourselves and those around us. We never settle for how things have been but instead look for how things could be.

Presto Media is an experiment in the idea that the responsibility should be distributed among a great team of peers that respect and trust each other, so we proactively build relationships and seek to understand each other.

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